Top reasons why study in Australia

Have you chosen Australia as your best destination to study? Hundreds of overseas students from around the world prefer this beautiful country for quality education. This country comes as the third highly preferred country right after USA and UK. The education system has achieved immense fame and global attention. The world’s best educational institutions offering many courses through quality and experienced teaching faculties won hearts of thousands of students from around the world. Proving the present educational quality are the number of scientists, doctors and engineers who have had contributed many valuable things to the world.

For instance, Google maps, penicillin, black box, IVF, Ultrasound, WIFI, Cervical cancer vaccine, are some of the significant contributions which speak volume of educational quality and standards maintained. Apart from these, why study in Australia has considered a matter of fortune is because of the availability of widened scope and employment opportunities. Australia is an industrially advanced country with different service industries having intermingled offering numerous job offerings. Besides, work and study scope is also one of the essential pull factors attracting students from abroad to this country.

Amidst of all these scopes and opportunities, there are also many challenges aspiring international students require to pass through while trying to pursue higher education in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’. Any aspirants intending to move there would require fulfilling or meet the eligibility criteria set by the Australian Government.

Why is Pearson Test of English considered as the ticket for study in Australia?

English language proficiency is one of the essential requirements for study in Australia. Everywhere, from classes in universities to exams and meeting with people, there is always a need for the proficiency in the English language on the part of immigrants. English is the official language of the country. Individuals who do not have proficiency always appear facing difficulties. Hence, finding employment and managing one’s expenses will be a daunting task. To avoid such scenarios in the country, the Aussie Government made English language proficiency mandatory.

These days Pearson Test of English became highly popular. It consisted of four sections comprised of listening, reading, writing and speaking. To secure high, one must attempt all these sections within a limited period of three hours. It tests the level of proficiency of the aspirants. Even for taking admission in leading institutions and applying for the Australian visa, there is a minimum mark to be secured in the test.

However, this PTE exam test is comparatively easier than other language tests. And the percentage of getting thorough in the exam is higher than those other language tests. But still, candidates should get fully prepared before sitting for the exam to score high.

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17 Jul 2017